Think there is no difference in hair salons?  Think again!  Experience The Difference! at Just for Hair.



We shampoo and condition every client's hair at no additional charge.

Hair freshly washed and conditioned and still damp makes for a more precise cut in addition to leaving your hair moisturized and treated when you leave the salon.  We use 24 different shampoos and conditioners because everyone's hair is unique and we make sure we use the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type.



We style and finish every client's hair at no additional charge.

We do not want our clients leaving the salon with wet or un-styled hair.  When we start a job, we finish it, all the way.  Other salons charge you to blow-dry, style and finish your hair, we include it.  We want you to look and feel fantastic when you "leave the chair".



Enjoy a complimentary beverage when you visit us!

Tell us what you would like to drink, we are going to ask you anyway. Water, Coke, Diet Coke, Beer or Wine.



Head Massage & Hot Towel at no additional charge.

Relax and enjoy a hot towel on your face and a head massage while we shampoo and condition your hair.



You first waxing service is complimentary!

Never had your eye brows waxed and shaped by us? The first time you let us wax and shape your eye brows or clean up your lip area, after your hair service, will be on us.  Yes, this includes men as well and once you do this you will see how much better you look immediately.  In fact, men, if you don't have two eye brows, our stylists may hold you down that first time!   Nose Hair? No, it doesn't hurt and you can throw out that terrible nose hair trimmer!



Cosmetic Touch Up for women after service at no additional charge.

Ladies, we use one of the best "runway" cosmetic lines in the industry and sometimes when getting your hair styled or after waxing you need a touch up, we are experienced in makeup and will provide a complimentary touch up after your service.  What if you just want to try our cosmetic line?  Sure, a 5 or 10 minute makeover is also "On Us".  Full makeovers are also available.



In Between Neck Clean Up for Men at no additional charge.

When you book your next appointment, even if you have to change it later,

you can drop by between 1 and 4 weeks from your last appointment and we will clean up your neck in between your visits at no charge. Just stop by the same location and let us clean up your neck before your meeting, event, date, or just because you need it.


The Colour Experts!

We do more colour in a week than most salons do in a month.  Not only do we use the best Colour Systems in the U.S and Europe, we continually train with them too.  We believe training never ends.



20,000 Clients have now made Just for Hair their new home for hair. When are you going to try us?  Just for Hair!



Thank You Bryan and College Station, Texas!