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Summer Specials:


Think there is no difference between Salon Shampoos and Conditions and grocery store products?  There is a big difference!  Our shampoos and conditioners are all for specific types of hair.  It is best to not use a generic daily shampoo on color treaded hair, they will wash the color out of your hair and right down the drain.  Salon shampoos, conditioners, masks, treatments and styling products are designed for specific hair types.  One does not fit all when it comes to these products.  Blonde hair and gray hair should be washed once a week with a violet or blonde shampoo and conditioner to keep the "brassiness" out of your hair.  For colour treated hair, it is often times not a good idea to wet wash hair everyday.  A dry shampoo is often better in between wet washing.   For a limited time and while supplies last we are giving you the opportunity to try Salon Quality shampoos and conditioners at an amazing low price.  Regular Retail Price on these products range from $17.95 to $35.95.  Some select products are 50% Off, ask your stylist about our sale prices on certain products.



Catwalk: Certain Items are 50% Off!

Your Highness, Sleek Mystique and Curlesque





S-Factor:. Certain Items are 50% Off!

True Lasting Colour, Health Factor, Smoothing & Diamond




Official Haircare Product of London Fashion Week