Ask an Expert! Much like Medical, Legal and Tax/Financial Advice, friends and relatives are always willing to give you their "Professional" opinion whether they are a professional or not. How about asking a Cosmetologist who has been trained in all of the different types of hair, products, colour and techniques and get a true Professional Opinion? Well, now you can, for No Charge! Call one of our salons and ask to speak to one of our Stylist/Colourist/Artists and ask your question. We can answer a lot of questions for you but sometimes we may need to actually see your hair. Don't worry, if we say we would need to see you to give you an honest opinion, we won't charge you for that either. Listed below are the most common questions we get asked: Q: Do Salon Products really work better than grocery store products?
A: Salon Professional products are designed, developed and tested for each specific type of hair. Curl products are for curly hair without a lot of weight to enhance the curling process in natural hair. While straightening products may have a little weight so as to prevent curl in natural hair. Colour Protecting Shampoos and Conditioners won't wash the pigments used in professional colour down the drain so your colour will last longer. Grocery Store products usually contain harsh chemicals and detergents and are not tailored to each specific hair type as they are mass produced. So, Yes, Professional Products are designed to work better and you will see and feel the difference. Q: Aren't all salons the same?
A: No, all salons are not the same. Many salons have time limits on how long a stylist can spend with you on a haircut or any other service. We do not put time limits on our clients. We want you to be completely happy with your hair and you will not leave our salon with wet or unfinished hair. Other salons do not offer any training or education. How are they supposed to improve and get better? We not only offer our Stylists/Colourists training and education, we require it and it is exclusive to only Just for Hair. Q: Is there really a difference in Box Colors and Salon Professional Colours?
A: Box Colors are "all over" colors that just dye the hair. Designed with one color, the can often damage the hair. Salon Professional Colour is mixed and customized to give a more natural look and is not as damaging to hair. Multi-colour, multi-process and using a strand system provides for colour variations in your hair and creates a natural look. Think of it this way; If you have to ask your friend, "So, does this look good and does it look natural?" after using a box color, you need to get out of the box and get into a professional salon. If you want to know more about this, call us, we will answer your questions or give you a consultation at NO CHARGE! Here are the top 10 reasons to consider Salon Professional Colour over DIY Box Colors: 1. One size does NOT fit all! Box color assumes everyone is the same. 2. Hair Colour must be customized. Colourists take into consideration a persons: Skin Tone Natural & Underlying Pigment Gray Previous Pigments & Tones 3. Colourists truly know what Demi, Semi & Permanent really means, do you? 4. Colourists know how much and where to apply colour, they don't just pour it all over the hair. And they know how much processing time is required to keep your hair healthy. 5. Colourists don't accept "straw like textures" that people think you have to put up with when blonde or bleached. 6. Cap Highlights and Cap Colors were the norm back 20 years ago. We have evolved, boxes have not. 7. Cosmetologists spend hours upon hours learning pigments, chemicals and the science of hair. 8. You are not going to look like the person on the box. You have different hair, skin and face shape. We know this and we are going to customize your colour to your features. There is a joke in the salon industry that very few clients have ever heard: "If you want to look exactly like the picture you brought in, staple it to your forehead because that is the only way you are going to look like that." You may want the style but it needs to be your style. 9. Box color may be affordable now but you will pay double to get it corrected. Why? Because we have to do a color correction before we can do a colour service. You will also spend more on box color because it won't last nearly as long and the box won't tell you how to make it last 4 to 6 weeks. Plus, it won't look like a salon color no matter what you do or how much you try to convince yourself. They may not say anything but everyone can tell when you use a box color, can't you tell when you see it? 10. Do you go to colour classes every month? We do! Are you trained to use 2, 3 4 or more colors and separate the hair sections to create a natural look? We do! Is this a sales pitch to go to a salon?


Do you have more questions?  Call us and we will answer your question as best as we can as long as you understand that we are not looking at and feeling your hair. While we are not going to walk you through cutting or coloring your own hair, we will answer questions the best that we can.  If we ask you to come in and let us look at and feel your hair, it will be at no charge unless you ask us to perform a service.  Go to the Contact Us section and call one of our salons.


11. What is Candle Cutting or Velaterapia?  It is dangerous and damaging. It is a trend of burning the split ends off of hair.  It can also burn the hair cuticle.  We do not believe in this trend and neither should you. Do not try this at home, you will damage your hair.  There are salons that will perform this service, we will not.  We have done extensive research on this and do not support the idea or trend that originated in Brazil.


Q: Color vs Colour?

A: If it refers to Just for Hair products or services, it is Colour. Anything or anyone else, it is color..