Appointments & JustCheck-In 411


We offer online appointments and online check-in. By clicking the Appointments and Check-In button above or below you can make an appointment with one of our stylists, or if you need to come in now, click the button above to check-in and we will be waiting for you. You can even check the schedule of your favorite stylist or make a future appointment. Click the button now, we can't wait to see you!


So many of our clients want to see their own stylist, but remember, we love all of our clients and we do get busy. Check your stylist's schedule and Check-In Online or make an appointment. You can always change it later but we encourage you to always make an appointment.



Helpful Hints

When you click the Appointments & Check-In button, on the right hand side, select either Make An Appointment or JustCheck-In. On the next page, highlight the category of the service you need and select eithe next available or select the stylist you would like to see.  These must be highlighted to move forward and select a time to JustCheck-In or Make An Appointment.


JustCheck-In is only available during salon hours. You can make an appointment anytime you wish. If you would like to check the schedule of your stylist, select Make An Appointment, choose the date, and you can see when your stylist will be working.


When you're ready, just click below.